Our mission is to provide assistance, programs and events to current and future Montana Veterans.

Warrior Wishes Montana, Inc. is based in Billings, Montana and is 100% run by volunteers. Money donated to Warrior Wishes Montana is 96% for Veterans; 4% for administrative costs. Warrior Wishes Montana, Inc. offers programs to Montana Veterans and active service members in addition to monthly events. These programs were designed to provide support to Veterans who are experiencing financial hardship, recovering from a disaster, those pursuing higher education and Veterans who are incarcerated.

Local Supporting Organizations & Businesses

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Warrior Wishes Montana, Inc. is dedicated to provide healthy, charitable activities to its members and community through outreach and support while maintaining the highest standards according to Montana Nonprofit Corporation Act, Title 35, Chapter 2 of the Montana Code Annotated. Warrior Wishes Montana is now officially 501(c)(3)