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Warrior Wishes Montana Colors Presentation & Basketball-February 2016

In partnership with Rocky Mountain College, Warrior Wishes Montana presented the colors at both the men and women's last home basketball game. Veterans were able to attend both games for free. Good times and Rocky won both games! Click on the photo to read the news story.


Warrior Wishes Montana Curling & Hockey-January 2016

Warrior Wishes Montana started 2016 with a bit of unwinding while curling then attended the hockey game. Many thanks to the Billings Curling Club, Centennial Ice Arena and Billings Bulls Hockey for the event! Click on the picture for the story.

Warrior Wishes Montana Zipline-November 2015

One of Warrior Wishes Montana's first events was to offer ziplining to Veterans. We were able to collaborate with Outlaw Canyon Adventures to offer great fun for the day. Click on the picture to check out the story!


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