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WWMT Partners

Working together to provide for our Veterans

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Wild Icelandic Horses

Horses spirits Healing

Horses Spirits Healing Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit, partners certified equine therapists with military veterans suffering from psychological trauma and physical disabilities. Some veterans may find it calming to simply groom a horse, while others may enjoy the animal's gentle gait or rehabilitate through physical activities like moving hay bales.

Countryside Road

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You Deserve Royal Service

Countryside Wooden House
Forest Run

Dog tag buddies

​Dog Tag Buddies is dedicated to providing veterans with hidden injuries opportunities to lead more fulfilling lives by providing no cost services in the adoption and training of rescued dogs to become companion or service animals depending on the individual veteran's needs; and no cost training to veterans with hidden injuries who may already have a dog but wish to participate in obedience training opportunities.

Montana veteran's meat locker

The Veterans Meat Locker provides free professionally processed wild and domestic meat for Veterans and their family. ALL Veterans qualify with proof of service.


The Veteran's Meat Locker was made possible due to the great hunters and ranchers in Montana. Hunters take their wild game and ranchers their domestic animals to processors throughout Montana. We pay for the processing at a reduced fee and pick up the meat from the processors. The meat is stored frozen and distributed to Veterans at meat giveaways or on a as need basis. That veteran must be able to provide valid proof(VA card, DD214, any other valid form) of being a veteran, once proof is displayed, we furnish the veteran with an amply amount of meat, free of charge, to sustain him or her for a couple weeks.



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